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Wall Fountains

Take a look at these wall-mounted water fountains and imagine how lovely they would look on your bare indoor or outdoor wall. These wall fountains are easy to install and are perfect for small spaces or insets in the wall. If you fancy and old century European look, then these wall-mounted water accents would suit you.

Our artistic wall fountains are available in various styles and designs. They may be made from steel, glass, ceramic or stone and finished in a variety of patterns, colors and textures. Regardless of the style you select, your chosen piece would certainly make a great focal point in any room as a water fountain's natural charm never fails to capture the attention of everyone. There's probably no such thing as an ugly water fountain, especially wall water fountains. Such is a uniquely soothing wall art that gathers interest and attention, and takes less space.

So if you're looking for something durable, beautiful, and compact to enhance the appearance of your narrow hallway or bare outdoor wall, consider getting a wall-mounted fountain. So shop today and spice up your home with a stunning wall fountain. Rest assured that ShopFactoryDirect will continuously source new and fresh wall fountain styles to provide you with better selection.

Vestaglia Four Figures Indoor Wall Water Fountain Light - 02262
Regular Retail Price: $299.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$120.80
Your Discounted Price: $178.20
Canterbury Gothic Wall Mount Water Fountain w/ Light Cement Finish 53265CT
Regular Retail Price: $439.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$211.00
Your Discounted Price: $228.00
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