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Customer Testimonials



Anthony, NM photo Anthony-NM.png

Anthony, NM photo Anthony-NM2.png

Anthony, NM photo Anthony-NM3.png

"You guys were great! I will be ordering from you again in the future. Very professional! Thanks again."

-Anthony from Rio Rancho, NM

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png 

"I bought this dining set from Shop Factory Direct. I love it, it's nicer than what you see on the photo. And I really like the customer service reps, they treat people with so much respect"

-Sara from Dublin, OH

Elizabeth, NY photo Elizabeth-NY.png 

"I was very impressed with Shop Factory Direct. They have EXCELLENT quality furniture. I was worried since I was buying online, but Jack was especially helpful and arranged for fabric samples and everything. Prices are unbeatable (and I did a LOT of research.) Customer service is excellent. My only concern was the delivery folks had a delivery delay and did not notify me and I was getting worries. But once they did get here they provided top-notch service. I am a very satisfied customer."

-Elizabeth from Palmyra, NY


Janelle, WA photo Janelle-NY.png

"Was nervous buying on line but is beautiful! Would definitely buy from again!"    

- Janelle from Port Angeles, WA



Mike, MD photo Mike-MD.png

"I have been spending months looking in local furniture stores looking for furniture that stood out, was different and made me turn my head. I found many such choices at Shop Factory Direct. The furniture was beautiful, hand made and a great value. Their Design and Product Consultant, Alex Rivera, helped me guide me to choose the best pieces for my house. I have many rooms to furnish and will surely be back to do business with Shop Factory Direct again. Thank you Alex".

-Mike from Ijamsville, MD



Anthony, NM photo Anthony-NM.png

Anthony, NM photo Anthony-NM2.png

"I bought a living room and dining set from y'all. I have not had a chance to get them out of the box since our move but the customer service and quickness of the delivery were both amazing!  I will be ordering more from you in the future!"

- Jessica from Hull, GA


Richard, MI photo Richard-MI.png

"The executive office desk I purchased from Shop Factory Direct is absolutely amazing and the customer service I received was exemplary!!!  Due to damage that occurred during shipping, additional follow-up was necessary to fix the damage.  The customer service representative working with me was not only prompt, attentive, and in contact with me frequently, I felt as though she genuinely cared about getting the damage fixed so I was 100% satisfied!!!  Due to her excellent customer service and the quality of their products, I plan on shopping with Shop Factory Direct again in the near future. I definitely recommend Shop Factory Direct for anyone seeking high quality products at good prices with great customer service."

-Richard from Milford, MI

800800 Desk photo Richard_from_Milford_MI.jpg

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png

"Nice set for the price! Honest and "real" company, stands behind their product."  

- Philip from Far Rockaway, NY


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Vicky, CT 2 photo Vicky-CT2.png

Vicky, CT 3 photo Vicky-CT3.png

"I am writing to express my appreciation and thanks to Alex Rivera for helping me pick out and order the furniture. We have not yet gotten our collection, but so far the experience has been more than pleasant. I would recommend Alex to anyone shopping for furniture! Many thanks."   

-Viky from Weston, CT

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png

"They have some great pieces here! All of the things I bought that needed assembling was pretty simple to assemble by myself! Anyways, Darla in the delivery dept was extremely helpful and explained the process. All worked out at the end. Great customer service!!"

-James from Tenafly, NJ

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png

"Best furniture store I ever shopped at. Would not hesitate to buy again."   

- Dan from Lakewood Ranch, FL

 photo 564-1-24-5-6.jpg

"My wife and I spent considerable time searching for our first bedroom set we would purchase in our 15 years of marriage. We wanted a quality, yet beautiful bedroom set we could enjoy for decades to come. After finally narrowing it down to the Catalina set, a beautiful, marble topped set with hardwood and decoration; we then found the best deal at - which included free shipping too.  As this was an Internet purchase I wanted to make sure this was a reputable company and would honor their commitments.  The sales people were very helpful and answered my many questions (I am a mechanical engineer and wanted to know how the furniture was built).  The website's shipping terms and information was also straightforward and easy to understand.  After we ordered the set, Darla at shopfactorydirect contacted us to let us know of the local delivery company and gave us their number to contact to set up a delivery time.  The driver was so nice and helpful as he unloaded the boxes (even let my 7 year old help - and complimented him on his good example and work ethic) and waited for us open every box to verify the condition.  There were some areas of minor damage, which I just fixed myself (one of the bedside nightstand drawers had to be pulled out and re-set in its guide, and part of the back paneling on the tall dresser had come out a little, which I refastened easily), but unfortunately, the mirror was cracked.  I was surprised, as the packaging in that corner was not damaged.  And in truth, all the furniture was packaged impressively well.  Everything else was good.  On inspection, I could tell that the screws that fastened the mirror backing into the mirror frame had sheared through the backing and allowed the entire glass and backing to slam down inside the frame, which caused the corner to snap away on what must have been a pretty impressive transportation shock.  The furniture did come clear from Vietnam.  The driver took pictures, as we did, and we contacted shopfactorydirect with the damaged mirror information.   Darla really tried to work to have the mirror glass repaired by contacting several local shops, which came over to our house to evaluate the broken glass.  Because the glass was beveled, and followed a series of artistic arches, the piece would have been custom and difficult to manufacture - which I had expected.  After trying several local companies without success, Darla offered to give us an extended warranty on the furniture set and having a mirror cut without the beveling to replace the broken one, but my wife and I really liked the bevel.  Darla ended up shipping an entire new mirror and frame, which this time came undamaged.  For an Internet company, I was at first concerned, but my experience of their continued diligence in trying to remedy the damage, and their competitive prices on this set, we have been very pleased."

- Daniel from Albuquerque, NM

 photo Bedtwosidetablestalldresser.jpg  photo Dresserwithmirror.jpg

Billy, FL photo Billy-FL.png

"Thank you Alex for making my living room what it is. I get great feed back from my guests and friends."

-Billy from Orlando, FL      

800800 Desk photo Richard_from_Milford_MI.jpg

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png

"Absolutely beautiful and well made, love it, thanks for getting it here so fast."   

- Allan from Ellisville, MS

Sara, OH photo Sara-OH.png 

"Great communication! Fast delivery! Better than what we expected!"    

- Kent from Hiawassee, GA