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With how hard you have worked and how you have endured, you certainly deserve some pampering. Why not bring the luxury of a sauna right into your home? Here at ShopFactoryDirect, it's easy to find something that will please you. We carry a wide selection of home saunas that can provide you with recreational and therapeutic comfort.

From portable saunas and traditional electric saunas to carbon and ceramic FAR infrared saunas, you've got plenty of options here at ShopFactoryDirect. We have personal saunas that fit 1-2 people as well as spacious saunas that can comfortably seat up to 6 people. Most of our saunas come with pre-installed sound system for a more soothing atmosphere. For a truly relaxing sauna experience, our units also have an E-Z touch control panel so you can easily adjust the heat settings. Some sauna units also come with impressive features like ergonomic backrest, a magazine rack, and chromotherapy. You have the option to choose whether you'd prefer a hemlock sauna or a cedar wood sauna.

Take a look at our sauna product line and find one with design and specifications that fit your needs. Need help in selecting the right in home sauna? We'd be happy to answer any questions and discuss any concerns about these saunas.

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