Outdoor Lighting

Having great outdoor wall lights, outdoor wall lanterns, and patio lanterns is essential to providing the correct settings for the visual presentation of the things around us. They are now quite an important accessory for decoration in your houses, be it inside or outside, a wall lantern will create a stunning effect around your house or patio as it emits its soft glow. At the standard heights of 9" to 10", these house lights are designed with aluminum frames and frosted glass to create a lovely look. Choose from the half roofed outdoor lights from Shop Factory Direct and give new life to your home surroundings. Here, you will find the amazing models such as the Laguna Large Wall Lantern in Golden Bronze. If you want to go with a simpler look, then take the Mesa Single Post Light, Medium Black White Glass or the simple yet elegant Fairbanks Single Light Wall Lanterns. The black frame, opal shade and an average height of 13 inches make everything seem more beautiful. Outdoor lanterns for patios are important because they create a whole new atmosphere. Take your time browsing our collection of outdoor patio lanterns. The combination of the glass and the metal build complements each other to a tee, creating dazzling glow that will really show off our home.

Laguna Large Wall Lantern Golden Bronze Fixture - 03196
Regular Retail Price: $399.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$112.80
Your Discounted Price: $286.20
Laguna Medium Wall Lantern Golden Bronze Traditional - 03195
Regular Retail Price: $299.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$138.80
Your Discounted Price: $160.20
Mesa Single Light Medium Lamp Post  Black White Glass - 70003 TB
Regular Retail Price: $236.99
Factory Direct Savings:-$67.79
Your Discounted Price: $169.20
Fairbanks Single Light Small Outdoor Wall Lantern - 10160 COP
Regular Retail Price: $82.99
Factory Direct Savings:-$23.59
Your Discounted Price: $59.40
Fairbanks Single Light Large Outdoor Wall Lantern - 10161 COP
Regular Retail Price: $110.99
Factory Direct Savings:-$31.79
Your Discounted Price: $79.20