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Collectibles & Models

Our collection of space, nautical, museum and air-related collectibles are sure the pique the interest of our fellow adventurers and world travelers. If you are one of those unique home decorators, then Shop Factory Direct is where you should be.

For all those with a passion for flight, we not only have different models of vintage airplanes but hot air balloons and propeller pieces as well. We have mariner star tables of different centuries and designs to ensure that you find a tasteful range, we have included compass tables as well. Sailors and fellow boaters can decorate their tables with model sailing ships and the walls with our collection of beach and sea related wall art. And we even have the world traveler covered as well with our classic and authentic model globes and galaxy models.

These unique home decorations and collectibles truly add a very distinctive touch to a home and make for great conversation starters. Regardless of what people think, it can be considered to be both a souvenir as well as a showpiece. Contact us for further details on our products.