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Model Aircraft

Inspire your inner child to fly high and dream big with these fun model aircrafts that you can use as bedroom and library decorations. We've got fascinating hot air balloons in a variety of colors, airplane models complete with propellers and wire wheels, and vintage-styled wooden propeller replicas. We also have aircraft-themed mobiles for your newborn pilot's crib.

If you'd like to create a playful nursery or bedroom for your little boy, our model aircraft home decor and accessories can make things easy for you. Take a look at our impressive collection of aircraft miniatures including Flying Circus Jenny Aircraft, the hard-to-find WWI Transparent Spad Plane, and the hand-built limited edition Dakota DC-3 Aircraft model. These and other aircraft miniatures come with truly meticulous details like riveted parts, rotary engine, and rotating propellers. Our hot air balloon collection, on the other hand, features the colorful Jules Verne Rainbow Balloon Replicas complete with hand-woven wicker basket, sand bags, and hand-knitted netting. If you want an aircraft-themed decor that can grow with your child, our authentic model propellers would be perfect. Their classic vintage style featuring distressed patina would look good in a big boy's bedroom, in your husband's man cave, in the bar, or in your travel-themed living room.

Shop for model air crafts and aviation-themed home decors today and enjoy discounted rates and free shipping.

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