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Wall Light Sconces

If you are stuck on how to jazz up a bland wall or add lighting to your room without taking up floor and table top space, why not consider installing wall sconces and wall lights. The diverse range of designs can easily help you find your ultimate light be it a decorative candle sconce or a swing arm lamp.

Shop Factory Direct offers a wide selection of wall lights and wall sconces to choose from. If you are in the mood of giving your walls a more rustic feel, you can go with Alita Rustic Wall Sconces. The Modern range focuses more on innovative and complex designs. Lastly, the Contemporary range is composed of intricate floral and twig patterns with a metallic finish. This gives the lamp that extra touch of sheen. Also, if you are looking for a functional wall sconce, you can go with the Bronze 3 way switch lamps. On the other hand, if your requirement is for something more dramatic, why not check out our Cristal de Lisbon Traditional lights.

So if you are looking for revamping your walls definitely take a look at our wall sconces. Our ever-helpful team will always be available to answer your queries.

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