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Kitchen Islands

What started out as just an extra workstation in kitchens, the kitchen island has come a long way. Today, many homes have this furniture piece which has become a must have in the kitchen area. Aside from its main function of adding work surface and storage, it has transcended into a decorative piece that can enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Kitchen islands come in so many colors, sizes and designs, depending on your needs and preferences. Here at ShopFactoryDirect, we have several kitchen islands that will fit most kitchen designs. We have ones in a brass patina finish with a glass top and we carry rolling kitchen island that feature a bamboo frame with a marble or granite top. Also available are the elegant rustic reclaimed wood islands. There are islands with shelves and cabinets while others have wine and wine glass holder, and butcher blocks.

Whether your kitchen has a contemporary design or is cottage inspired, you will find lots of kitchen islands that you will absolutely love! You can check out our website to view your options or contact our specialist to assist you and ensure you find the kitchen island that will work best in your kitchen.

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