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Baker's Racks

One might think that the only place for a baker's rack is the kitchen. At first, this kitchen furniture was designed for cooling baked goodies. However, it has evolved from its original purpose as more and more people see its versatility. From metal bakers racks to decorative bakers racks, ShopFactoryDirect features a variety of bakers racks to fit the look of your living space. In the kitchen, it can be used as a display rack to showcase your precious china or your wine collection. Another purpose is storage for your spices or dinnerware, plates, and mugs. The two drawers can hold your utensils while the bottom shelves can be for pots and pans .

You'll be surprised that a baker's rack can be displayed in other parts of your home too. For bedrooms with extra spaces, it can stand as an accent piece and as storage for anything and everything! You can store scarves and socks arranged neatly in a couple of wicker baskets. Beautiful towels will look nice in a baker's rack as well. Baker's Racks can be functional in bathrooms to store your bath towels. The top shelves can be used to display bottles of shampoo, candles, pretty soaps, and other supplies! The options are endless - it's totally up to your creativity.

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