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Infrared Saunas

With our indoor saunas, you will find a level of relaxation and rejuvenation you cannot find anywhere else. Shop Factory Direct has a great variety of luxurious and economical saunas available. With features such as built-in music systems, LED light control panels with Chromo-therapy, towel racks, magazine racks, and more.

All of our Infrared Saunas are spacious and glamorous, making them enjoyable for individual use or with a group of friends. They are made of sturdy solid hardwood, including natural cedar, and come with the latest infrared and carbon heating system to provide very reliable and stable performance. Some of the options that are available are Coronado Hemlock Carbon Heaters Sauna Heat Wave, the fabulous Whistler Corner Sauna Carbon Heater of dual panels, and the huge Great Bear Cedar Far Infrared Sauna which can seat up to 6 individuals. Another economical option would be the Rejuvenator Moisture resistant Portable Sauna, which makes for an excellent personal sauna to help with skin rejuvenation and detoxifying when space is limited or traveling

The saunas we offer are daring and innovative. We are also always available to help you with choosing the right model for your home and will answer any question you may have.

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