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TV Stands & Bookcases

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a bookworm or a couch potato, we've got elegant bookcases and TV stands that your friends and family will truly love. Crafted from the highest quality materials with a stunning form that turns heads, our offerings are great choices for style conscious homeowners who only want the best pieces for their homes. Though all bookcases hold books, not all bookcases are equal in form and function. The perfect bookshelf can become an attractive focal point in your living room, so it is important that you select the right one. First, consider the size. Measure the area in your living room where your bookcase will go and make sure it's a perfect fit. Also know ahead what you intend to put in it as most homeowners not only place books in their bookcases but board games, movies, photographs, and videogames as well. Always make sure that your bookcase matches your existing furniture for a seamless fit. Choosing a TV stand to give as a gift, however, is trickier. The first step is to measure your TV and make sure that it fits on the surface of the stand that you choose, and also measure the spot on your living room or entertainment room where your TV stand will go. Next is to find the optimal viewing height. Television screens are intended to be viewed straight ahead without craning your neck or bowing down, so make sure your TV stands and seating furniture complement one another!

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