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A well-put together chair and table combination whispers of a homeowners attention to detail, and we've got a variety of masterfully crafted but very affordable chairs in various shapes, styles, sizes, and colors for you to choose from and even give as unique gifts. Be it modern, traditional, casual, indoor, or outdoor chairs, we've got a selection of unique chairs for sale that we're sure your friends and family will like. Today, there is more freedom with mixing and matching chairs with tables, as long as a couple of elements are retained to tie the look together. Although it is sometimes chic to pair contemporary tables with traditional chairs, always check if the two pieces share a common design element. If the table has cabriole legs, for example, make sure your chairs have cabriole legs as well. If your dining table is rectangular or square, try to find chairs that have rectangular or square seats as well. Seat height is essential in finding the perfect chair to give as a gift. Make sure that there is at least 19 inches of space between the chair seat and the table top. Also, sooner or later, dining chairs are going to be stained with food. How easy will it be for these stains to be removed? Choosing faux leather upholstery, cotton blends, or commercial fabric will make cleaning easier and removing stains effortless. If you're using delicate fabrics, always make sure that the seat cushions may be removed so the material may be replaced. Choosing the right chair to give as a gift shouldn't be difficult. Browse through our chic selection today!

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