Gaming Chairs

For video game players and true blue gaming enthusiasts, gaming chairs are heaven sent. This game room furniture is the ultimate luxury that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Plus, when you are seating comfortably while playing, you will be able to focus more on the game you're playing. What's so good about a gaming chair is that they feature built in rumble drives so you can feel the shots fired, crashes, explosions and have built in speakers, further immersing yourself into the game world.

Gaming chairs loaded with impressive features are available at ShopFacotryDirect. We have red and black foldable ergonomic entertainment game chair where you can have an amazing experience playing video games, watching movies, and listening to music! It is extremely comfy and can be multi-player linked to other chairs. There's also our home entertainment chair stereo system game which aside from the ergonomic design, it also boast of impressive features such as surround sound system, built in cup holder, and bone rattler technology that lets you feel all the explosions and other special effects of the game you're playing.

Know more about gaming chairs by browsing through our website and find which one will work for you best.

Foldable Ergonomic Entertainment Game Chair - E 1000
Regular Retail Price: $799.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$300.00
Your Discounted Price: $499.00
Home Entertainment Chair Stereo System Game - E 900
Regular Retail Price: $499.00
Factory Direct Savings:-$100.00
Your Discounted Price: $399.00
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