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Making statements of their own, water fountains can definitely add dimension, character, and value into your residential space. Water is an ancient symbol of abundance; it is also an essential element in life. It's safe to say then that there would be no harm in using it as a decor element in your living space. After all, no one can say no to its natural beauty, to its air-purifying properties, and to a flowing water's soothing sound. So go ahead and decorate your residential space with both indoor and outdoor water fountains.

We take pride in our impressive selection of water fountains that includes floor fountains, wall fountains, table top fountains and outdoor fountains - all at factory direct prices with free shipping. Browse our collection of decorative floor-standing water features that would look perfect on your hallway, entrance area or the space underneath the staircase. We also have portable tabletop fountains that can fit any space like an end table or your home-office desk. Also included in our fountain product range are classic venetian-style outdoor fountains, modern stacked geometric floor fountains, and dramatic water fountains with integrated lighting system.

ShopFactoryDirect allows you to conveniently shop for the right water fountain for your home. Shop today and score a health-promoting water feature at a discounted rate. To completely relieve you of stress, we can take care of the assembly for just a minimal cost.