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Plants & Floral Arrangements

Don't have the time and the green thumb to maintain live plant displays? Make use of the unique beauty of preserved plants. These are natural plants that were subjected to a preservation process to "freeze" their natural characteristics. Such will result to a more realistic and natural-looking plant minus the sun, soil, water, trimming and shaping requirement. Compared with artificial plants, the preserved ones may look, feel and even smell like the real thing for years. Preserve plants are available in different varieties and may be used for indoor decoration.

Find exciting deals on preserved plants and topiary at ShopFactoryDirect. We have an amazing selection of preserved bonsai plants and topiaries as well as silk plants in various styles. Be impressed by the charm of our 6-foot, maintenance-free bonsai made from preserved juniper and grape wood. We also have hand-trimmed and hand-arranged single bonsai plants with moss accents that would look good in any room. If you fancy those round-shaped indoor plants, take a look at our preserved juniper globes with diameter ranging from 7 to 48 inches. We also have double-ball, triple-ball and cone-shaped topiaries with height ranging from 20 to 72 inches.

Decorating with green art is easy when you use potted preserved plants from ShopFactoryDirect. Purchase a couple of plant arrangements today and start creating an inexpensive and maintenance-free indoor greenery.