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Extra Large Rectangular Rugs, 10' +

It's easy to add grandeur to your living space with our extra large rectangular area rugs. Perfect for mansions, large apartments, and even modern palaces, our extra large area rugs come in an exciting variety of colors, materials, and patterns to choose from, so you're sure to find one that will match your current furniture. Selecting the perfect rug shouldn't be difficult. When it comes to selecting your colors, think balance, use a neutral rug to tone down vibrant walls or furniture, or use a vibrant rug to add a playful and colorful appeal to otherwise drab and colorless living spaces. If you know how to create a balance, it's easy to bring harmony to your living space.

Need a pop of color in a home office? Add creativity with a patterned rug for an extra punch of inspiration and artistic flow. Want to add more visual appeal to a boring dining room? The table and seating area is one of the best places to prop our extra large rectangular rugs. Far more than just providing ornamental appeal, our area rugs can also define and separate each room in your house, so use a separate rug for your living room and another rug for your dining room.

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