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Decorative Clocks

Decorating a room with a decorative wall clock can add a functional and timeless aesthetic. Decorative clocks come in all shapes and sizes, making them interesting decorative pieces. They can be hanged on bare walls, placed on tables, or on shelves. You can also place them on a landing of a staircase, on top of a fireplace, or at the end of your hallway. Wherever you choose to place them, they add interest and a charming effect to any area in your home.

Here at ShopFactoryDirect, we have all kinds of decorative wall clocks to suit your personal style and preference. We have chronograph black wall clocks, decorative atomic wall clocks, aged black table clocks, rustic antiqued gray floor clocks, and the traditional themed nickel merchant pocket watch. The antique brass wall clock, and rustic aged wood panel's wall clock will blend well in areas with Transitional decor. The Atomic wall clock with starburst design is an artistic piece of acrylic on steel that exudes an abstract look and is perfect for modern home decor. Stylish wristwatch styled clocks with brass rim and leather stand are also available to be displayed as table clocks, not only in your homes but in commercial settings as well.

Browse through our website and find our wide selection of decorative clocks for your home and office space. You can ask for assistance from our design specialists if you can't find what you are looking for.

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