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Boxes & Trunks

Got a lot of knick knacks to store and organize? Use these decorative boxes and trunks to keep your stuff safe and dust-free. These storage boxes are spacious enough to keep a lot of things and pretty enough to become an accent piece or decorative storage unit in your living space, bedroom, office or personal space.

Our rustic wooden box with wrought-iron details could hold your childhood treasures. You're sure to find our multipurpose wooden accent table perfect for storing books, magazines and your other lazy lounging necessities. Rustic-style crates in fir wood would look good in your kitchen or even your bedroom. We also have tall chests, reproductions of 19th Century Stateroom armoires, small Polo Club trunk, functional and decorative rolling boxes with weathered finish, and cedar trunk sets. With ShopFactoryDirect's full range of boxes and trunks in various shapes, sizes, and styles, you won't have any difficulty finding the right storage box or trunk to suit your space need and personal style.

Because these decorative storage boxes and trunks are made from quality materials like sturdy solid woods, they can effectively preserve keepsakes and other prized possessions. Shop today for a box or two and start organizing your treasures.

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