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Area Rugs

An area rug is that small piece of decorative floor cover that can do wonders. Its function includes defining different areas in a single room and also boosting up the overall look and feel of a room. When you have a single big space for both your living and dining areas, area rugs will do the trick of setting clear separation lines. And when a particular area may be a little dull, use an area rug to give it a splash of color and complete the look. Some use it as padding to protect your feet against hard, cold tile flooring or wood flooring in living areas or bedrooms.

Here at ShopFactoryDirect, we have a wide assortment of area rugs to suit every taste and preference. Our rugs combine premium quality materials with high style design. We have flat weave hand knotted rugs in rich colors that exude warm visual appeal. Some area rugs feature eclectic designs that will effectively liven up an area of the room. We have rugs for traditional, transitional, country as well as contemporary decor. Plus, the low-cut wool of some of our rugs is comfortable and soft on your feet.

Browse through our website to view our collection of area rugs. You can ask for assistance from our design specialists to help you find the area rug that will work best for you.