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To keep the spa system as good as new by appearance and by function, then you must take the proper care of it. This is where Shop Factory Direct comes in to introduce a host of outdoor spa accessories that are sure to help you maintain your personal spa better. Our hot tub and spa enclosures will shelter your spa from the rain, or you from the sun, while adding a level of privacy. We also offer attachable headrests and a drink holder set for better comfort. And lastly, you need replacement filter cartridges to keep your spa clean. The filter cartridges are important because they help to maintain the suitable efficiency of your filter pump and aids in the circulation of clean, fresh water. The headrest and drinks holder set may be optional, but you should get one anyway so that you can enjoy yourself better at the spa. The bamboo enclosure and roof has the appeal of the tropical get away you've always dreamed of allowing you to escape the stresses of the day.

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